Poem: Hope is a Thing With Feathers by Emily Dickinson (Truly love it)

Poem is one of literary writing reincarnated by an inspiration, emotion, or feeling either happiness or sorrow of an author himself. The poem is possessed of several elements which the one of them is meaning. The meaning constitutes a message the author desires to be conveyed; in order for the poem to be more beautiful and be more exciting. Inside of poem β€œHope is A Thing with Feathers” by Emily Dickinson, present the deep meaning of each word the author has elected on each stanza.

First of all, at the beginning stanza; the author desire to convey that there are feathers inside of the hope itself (β€œHope is a thing with feathers”). Feathers the author means is a mildness of the hope. As well known that the hope renown as a pure one, because it is still a hope only, not reality. Thus, it has not yet blotted by our act which the way is able to be true or false to obtain the hope itself. The hope is in far deep of our heart (β€œThat perches in the soul”), because it is the only one we highly wish to reach. As human being, we are accompanied by the continuous hope until the end of life (β€œAnd never stops at all”); because, it is our property to confront this life. We are able to imagine if there is no hope at all. What do we want to be?

Secondly, the author effort to provide the stanza as attractive as possible. The following stanza emphasizes again that the hope is the most beautiful one (β€œAnd sweetest….”), because it is our precious thing to confront this life (as the previous state). The core meaning of this stanza is that the more beautiful our hope, the greater obstacle we confront (β€œAnd sweetest, in the gale, is heard”); and we have to pass it however the great. Usually, our Β effort to confront the obstacle produce the praise as sometimes, yet also an indignity (β€œThat could abash the little bird”). However, we must endeavor to keep our peaceful heart (β€œThat keeps so many warm”). Surprisingly, the author shows an attractive phrase again. Why did the author choose the phrase β€œlittle bird”? Actually, the author made himself to be same as the little bird. The word β€œlittle” explains that, as a human, we just have a little power in this life. We have no reason to act recklessly and be arrogant. However great our hope, it must be passed by beautiful way. Moreover, the word β€œbird” symbolizes a cheerfulness necessary to be had by everybody. In order to be like the birds which always sing everyday. Perhaps, the author believes this wise sentence, β€œdo this life as what you think !”. Indirectly, the sentence invites us to keep our cheerfulness however strong the obstacle, in order to reach a happy life.

Finally, the author covered his poem by the restress stanza of the previous stanza. The author reexplains that the obstacle must present in every wishes (β€œI’ve heard it in the chilliest land/And on the strangest sea”). In contrast, we should not do the bad things to against it (β€œYet, never, in extremity”), except do how to solve it peacefully.

In conclusion,, we are able to obtain the meaningful thing here. That it is important to have a hope in this life, because no life without hope (as previous state). If we hope something, we must really establish the effort to reach it although many obstacles at front of us, and along with an understanding of our powerless as human being (in front of God). We should not care about anything blocking us. We have to pass it by the sweet way for the beautiful life.