Welcoming say..

Let me dance and sing with the diction and rhyme
Neither getting interruption nor bringing out a crime
Here, I’m free..
I’m free to speak in silence
I’m free to explain you millions
And the pen is about to scream
Tell you the tasty life just like a cheese cream 😍

Hey! I’m Herlina Ka’en. Feel free to call me any nickname of it: Lina, Elin, or the complete one Herlina. I don’t write everyday. I just write when I find something needed to share, when I get special feeling and you can find it in form of like poem, pearl word or just like a usual story. What making me made this weblog is I find something immortal that maybe not everyone can understand it. Well let me explain shortly that only through writing I can feel free to speak without any loosed-face or one bothering. However, I’m not a writer. I’m just gonna immortalize what I’ve felt about something I saw and heard to be then found by my next generation. Then let me say welcome to this simple weblog managed by me myself. Related to this blog, it’s still very few number of writings. I’m still learning to write. So please, if you find something inconvenient on this blog, just comment me in a good way. Help me better in writing✌..

Once!! I forgot to tell you that I’m from a small beautiful island in Indonesia: Lombok, a place making me unstoppable to be grateful 😊 .. Hope to be friend with you!

Notice: I do realize that all contents on this blog are still in a long way toward the perfection. Yet I am an anti-plagiarism and strictly do ask anyone to not doing plagiarism, regardless of how.

Thank you a ton for visiting my weblog..


Me, in the East of Lombok

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