From Differences, We are United!


All of us have various different backgrounds: different country, different skin color, different race, different ethnic, different religion, different culture, different education background, different goals. Yet this area we called EcoFarm Lombok united all of us, and a care made us one.

I’m Herlina from Indonesia (Left to right). They are Carina, Mandy and Emily from Taiwan. She is Ibu from Indonesia and he is Amila from Sri Lanka. The last but not the least, they are Habibi and Papuk from Indonesia. Emily, Carina, Mandy and Amila were all bringing their specialties from their own countries, and they found many differences appearing on me and in my country, Indonesia.

Carina, Mandy and Emily have white skin color. Amila tends to have black skin color. While Papuk, Habibi, Ibu and me have brown skin color. Emily, Carina, and Mandy came with their belief that there is no God. Amila came along with his belief that Nature is the one he believe in. The rest are Muslims including me, wherein Allah is the one and only God we believe in.

All of us being here with different business. Emily, Carina and Mandy came for researching and internship, Amila for documenting ecofarmers and ecovillagers activities, and we were as the host to service, guide and accompany them reaching their goals. We enjoyed our days as brothers and sisters.

We know and realize that we are from various background. Yet does it make us treat each other differently? I often remember what Amila said, “even though we are in various differences, we are in one frame, under the same sky and stomping our feet in the same earth”. Any other greater equality? The equality helps us to meet and build relationship. As new family.

Establishing good relationship is about how far we could understand people. We are aware that all human in the world have different brain structure and different way to feel something that occur from different soul. And we have to understand the differences in order to have great relationship.

Understanding differences means understanding what inside the people. It’s able to start from knowing their characteristics. We often meet people with no space for us to speak when being communicating with them. That means the people expect to be much listened than to listen. We also many times meet people having no desire to say something first even just a word “hello”. That means we are demanded to be more active and friendly to them. Everything in case of that is under our control. I believe that how people treat us is in line with how we treat them first. Just give your smile then accept it back even more than a smile: a hug 🙂

I just want to remind you that people bring their own perception about the way you serve, the way you speak, the way you hear and the way you look at them. What you feel about them tends to get inside them. Hence, please -either your feeling, your utterance or your deed- be kind and positive 🙂

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